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This brand new model of pure cashmere pashmina is really original and you will not find it anywhere else than Pashmina & Kashmir ! It stands out of course by its ultra trendy style with pink and white checkerboard in an ultra trendy geometrical style. But above all by its beauty and extreme softness ! It is hand woven in Nepal with the best quality fiber >a href="https://www.pashminacachemire.com/blog/matiere/cachemire/">cashmere. The most beautiful, longest and softest fibres are selected for its manufacture and such a quality of cashmere is difficult and very rare to find! This is the reason why we can only propose a few pieces of each model which requires weeks of work to be made. The large cashmere scarf is sent in its beautiful pocket, ready to offer.

Dimensions : 75 x 210 cm

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Dimensions : 75 x 210 cm
  • Material100% Cashmere
  • Dimensions75 x 210 cm

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

p> For the look, we'd like to let you improvise! Because with this pretty maxi scarf, the best thing to do is to wrap yourself in it and wear it in a modern way. In winter you can also tie it to maximize the warmth effect around your neck. In summer you can turn your scarf into a sarong, skirt or even a top!

Care Instruction

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  • Rinse in cold water and always dry flat for wool. Made of pure natural wool of exceptional quality, this is an exceptional material.