Kashmir Everest


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The most chic model of this brand new collection straight from Nepal! It is really singular to be able to wear a product like this one which is at the same time of top-of-the-range artisanal quality but whose design is resolutely trendy and ultra modern. With its checkerboard all shades of beige, you will play the fashion card! But do not forget that this sublime maxi scarf in pure cashmere wool is made with the highest quality of cashmere wool, it is hand woven in Nepal but also that it is unique in the world and therefore not found elsewhere. Be careful, this model, like the others are produced in a very small quantity each year, so we can only offer you a few copies for sale, do not miss them! The large cashmere scarf is sent in its beautiful pocket, ready to offer.

Dimensions : 75 x 210 cm

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Dimensions : 75 x 210 cm
  • Material100% Cashmere
  • Dimensions75 x 210 cm

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

For a keffiyeh look, fold it into a triangle with the tip in front and tie it in the back. Or put it around your neck wearing the wide loop on the front and the two flaps that come back on each side. Last idea, wear it completely wrapped around your neck with several turns, artist style.

Care Instruction

  • pictogramme conseil de nettoyage du Kashmir Everestpictogramme conseil de lavage du Kashmir Everestpictogramme conseil de sechage du Kashmir Everestpictogramme conseil de chlorage du Kashmir Everestpictogramme conseil de repassage du Kashmir Everest
  • You'll love the unique softness of this luxurious cashmere. So to keep it as beautiful as it was on the first day, remember to give it the care it needs to keep its beauty and softness. Take it to the dry cleaners for a dry cleaning, this is the best initiative to keep it in its original state.