Copper Pashmina


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You will succumb to the astonishing beauty of this brownish beige copper pashmina. This magnificent scarf stands out by its beauty and the rarity of its hue. With a light tone on tone cashmere pattern, this soft and large maxi scarf will bring you the warmth you are looking for. Timeless, it can be worn for both men and women and will go well with many outfits. Indispensable, you will wear it in winter as well as in mid-season. Each pashmina is sent wrapped in a sublime silk organza pouch, elegant, ready to offer.

Dimensions : 70 x 185 cm

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Dimensions : 70 x 185 cm
  • Material60 % cotton 20 % Wool 20 % Viscose
  • Dimensions70 x 185 cm
  • ColorDark blue

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

To tie a pashmina, there are different techniques. For a masculine, comfortable and casual style, we recommend a slip knot that you can adjust around your neck and that will go equally well with a jacket, jacket or coat. Make a buckle on one side and a loop on the other by folding your pashmina in half lengthwise. Put it around your neck. A child's play no ?

Care Instruction

  • pictogramme conseil de nettoyage du Copper Pashminapictogramme conseil de lavage du Copper Pashminapictogramme conseil de sechage du Copper Pashminapictogramme conseil de chlorage du Copper Pashminapictogramme conseil de repassage du Copper Pashmina
  • Then dry flat on a terry towel. That's it !

    This OVERSIZE tartan should not be machine washed or cleaned at high temperatures.</