Electric Scarf


The colour electric blue is one of the most fashionable colours at the moment. With this beautiful scarf in lambswool in chic electric blue, you are sure to bring a little cheerfulness, chic and trendy into your wardrobe. Both masculine and feminine, this beautiful woollen scarf is particularly sophisticated. Made from the best quality Lambswool lambswool, this 100% pure wool scarf will ensure softness and warmth for the whole winter. It will also be a wonderful gift idea to please the one you love, to give him or her the warmth and softness he or she deserves.

Dimensions : 30 x 150Cm
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Dimensions : 30 x 150Cm
  • Material100% Lambswool
  • Dimensions30 x 150Cm
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Écharpe bleu Electrique

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

To wear your woollen scarf around your neck, we recommend that you tie it with a so-called slip knot. This is a type of knot that is particularly easy to make and provides maximum warmth. Tighten your knot as you wish, according to the warmth you wish to bring. This type of knot also has a lot of class, it is very elegant.

Care Instruction

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  • Be careful never to wash your cashmere in the machine, use even less dryer.

    Taking care of your tartan is simple enough. Avoid already letting it drag in the dust, to make it fall on the ground.