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You are looking for ideas for corporate gifts for your employees, your customers or your partners. You are looking for clothing for your events, parties or an accessory to distinguish your hostesses at trade fairs or congresses.
You are looking for an elegant accessory for your hostesses and make them real ambassadors.You are looking for gift ideas to offer to your guests at a wedding, a ceremony or to accessorize your bridesmaids, pashmina is the ideal accessory for weddings.

Luxury client gift idea.

Whatever the event, the pashmina will convey the message you want.The pashmina is the ideal accessory for any occasion.

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cadeau d'entreprise, pashmina evenementiel

Personalized customer gift

Whether as a wedding gift, or for bridesmaids' outfits, pashmina is the perfect companion for your wedding.Kashmir is delighted to be able to accompany you in this happy event, just contact us.

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Luxury event gifts

As every year, it is necessary to think about the corporate gifts to offer to its staff, collaborators and customers. It's a question of pleasing everyone and not having to personalize the gift too much...especially if the team is big! So this year, think about pashmina, it's a gift idea that always makes a little impression.Pashmina...a quality, unisex corporate gift at an affordable price.Whether it's for women or men, pashmina is suitable for everyone. Whether it's for women or men, pashmina is suitable for everyone. Simply choose a neutral colour, such as black, camel or navy blue...and it will become a unisex fashion accessory. Of course, it will always be possible to choose more shimmering colours for a woman, but due to logistical problems, it might be easier to choose sober colours. Don't hesitate to have it embroidered in your company name or for a particular event. A trendy and affordable gift!

High-end corporate event gift

It's a fashion accessory worn by everyone regardless of style and gender, it's unisex and timeless. Just look in fashion magazines, pashmina is adopted by all ages and styles. It is the way it is worn that makes the difference. There are a thousand and one ways to fold and knot pashmina so that you can vary the pleasures every day with just one accessory. Women will have even more possibilities because they can wear it in their hair to create new hairstyles, around the neck casually or elegantly but also pashmina can be knotted around the waist to create a new style. As for men, pashmina can be worn in a chic way to match their office suits, but they can also be worn in a casual way to create a new style.

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