You are in the Pashmina & Cachemire boutique, specialist in cashmere and pashmina for women and men since 2012. You will find a wide range of plain pashminas in many colors but also cashmere patterned scarf or hand embroidered pashmina. Pashmina from India and Nepal from the best craftsmanship. A large choice of pashmina shawl and stole in cashmere wool, 100% luxury cashmere scarves.

The PashminaCashmere boutique, specialist in high-end luxury cashmere also offers you cheap pashmina with the outlet of the old collections. Each pashmina is sent to you in a beautiful organza pouch, a beautiful gift idea scarf ready to offer and send to all your loved ones. Wrap yourself in softness and warmth with our oversize plaid maxi scarf with tartan patterns or one of our woolen scarf for men and women. At Pashmina & Cachemire, the wrapping is carefully done with a personalized message, a chic and sophisticated gift wrapping service. You will also benefit from fast express delivery within 24 hours.

🐐What is a pashmina? definition

cashmere scarf warm man and woman. The pashmina woman and man is a traditional fashion accessory from India and Nepal. A true pashminas 100% is traditionally made of cashmere wool produced by the Capra hircus pashmina goat from the high Himalayan plateaus in India. Its quality varies according to the altitude at which the goat is reared. The higher the altitude, the more the goat will produce a fine wool to protect itself from the cold. Pashmina, patterned pashmina is often made of wool and cashmere.