Pokhara Pashmina


The blue patterned pashmina is very sought after by pashmina lovers. Indeed if the plain pashmina will go with all your clothes and it is good to have a gradient of color in his wardrobe, the href="https://www.pashminacachemire.com/8-pashmina-a-patterns">patterned pashmina has the advantage of bringing a touch of trendy originality to your outfits and create the look Indeed, the traditional pattern of this pashmina called paisley pattern is the most traditional of North India, it immediately gives elegance and refinement to your outfit, it is of incomparable beauty. This pashmina is sent to you delicately wrapped in an elegant organza pouch, a gift idea that is always a pleasure.

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Dimensions : 65 x 168 cm
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Dimensions : 65 x 168 cm
  • Material60 % Cotton 40 % Viscose
  • Dimensions65 x 168 cm
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How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

What could be simpler than to fold your pashmina into a strip and then simply put it around your neck without making a knot. It's a very classy look and perfect for men who want to accessorize a suit for work or for a chic meal. It is sober and effective and especially think about matching the color with the suit.

Care Instruction

  • pictogramme conseil de nettoyage du Pokhara Pashminapictogramme conseil de lavage du Pokhara Pashminapictogramme conseil de sechage du Pokhara Pashminapictogramme conseil de chlorage du Pokhara Pashminapictogramme conseil de repassage du Pokhara Pashmina
  • To take care of your pashmina always keep it in its pocket, do not leave it lying around in a ball. It must be protected from light and dust. For cleaning, ideally it is done by hand with a soft product. It should not be soaked for a long time and always be laid flat to dry so that it is not wrinkled.