Mac douglas plaid scarf


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Here is the most fashionable plaid tartan scarf of the moment.There is no secret, the fashion of the year is the maxi plaid scarves and you won't cut it! There are so many variations in style depending on the colour you are looking for... it is very likely that your eyes will be focused on this sublime tartan with eye-catching colours! It's simple it's the most successful model of the moment and there probably won't be enough for everyone so don't let it pass you by you may well regret it. In a purely tartan style and colors, this tartan red, green, blue and beige is a must have fashion. It is suitable for all hair colors, it is particularly fashionable, chic and gives a real bohemian casual style worn with jeans, a jacket or a coat. In addition to being beautiful, it is so soft, so warm... it's real happiness that you will never get tired of. This fashionable tartan is sure to become your favorite model.

Dimensions : 150x150 cm

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Dimensions : 150x150 cm
  • Material20% wool, 80% acrylic
  • Dimensions150x150 cm

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

In ultra-fashion, tartan is simply worn by wrapping yourself in it. You've probably seen this kind of look in fashion magazines before? All the American stars and French fashionistas wear it. So why don't you? Shawl, scarf, bohemian or chic, you will discover a thousand and one ways to tie it or to wrap yourself in it in beauty.

Care Instruction

  • pictogramme conseil de nettoyage du Mac douglas plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de lavage du Mac douglas plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de sechage du Mac douglas plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de chlorage du Mac douglas plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de repassage du Mac douglas plaid scarf
  • Tartan is easy to clean and wash. To start removing possible stain residues that would be on the tartan. Then prepare a bath of lukewarm soapy water with a special wool product. Then you will put your tartan on and let it soak, stirring for a minute. Rinse to finish to wring out by pressing gently. Drying should be done flat and not in direct sunlight.