Mac Conaughey plaid scarf


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The plaid scarf is absolutely sublime in its design and contemporary patterns. In addition to being very soft, it is incredibly warm and beautiful. You absolutely fell in love with this model, it is obvious that it is so stylish and stylish that it can only cause love at first sight. With this pretty tartan it's love at first sight! For men and women alike, it is a fashion accessory, chic, unisex and timeless. It will attract the covetousness of your entourage and it is likely that it will make envy or envy. It is so beautiful that it is conceivable that your sister, your boyfriend, your colleague will want the same. In limited edition, here is a big maxi warm scarf that you will not regret and that you will look forward to every winter. Timeless, you'll keep your tartan for a long time. LAST EXAMPLER AVAILABLE

Dimensions : 100 x 200 cm

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Dimensions : 100 x 200 cm
  • Material20% wool, 80% acrylic
  • Dimensions100 x 200 cm

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

Fashionable way you will wear your tartan by wrapping yourself in it, that is to say by wrapping yourself in it as in a blanket. In the middle of winter you wear it well over your jacket or coat. To create the fashion style, bohemian or chic, tie it as you are used to with your scarves, it will always make a big warm knot as we like so much.

Care Instruction

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  • Washing your tartan is child's play! Easy, with a specific detergent for wool, let your tartan soak gently and stir from time to time, no more than one to two minutes. You just have to rinse it, then squeeze out the rinse water and finally dry it flat, simply .< / p>.