Paisley scarf

The woolen scarf pashminas embroidered with Indian handicraft at paisley patterns is a fashion accessory p for men and women. luxury item with unique charm the pashminas with traditional cashmere patterns are colored with embroideries called the Paisley pattern of cashmere.

It was invented in this part of the world, it's the traditional style; nowadays there are many colors of pashmina to match your whole wardrobe. The fashion darlings, the embroidered cashmere pashminas, with Indian or Nepalese motifs are the most beautiful in the sense that it requires a unique craftsmanship and additional know-how. Sometimes mixed with silk for even more softness, they stand out for their shimmering and original patterns.

Paisley man scarf.

There are a thousand and one ways to wear your embroidered stole or a Indian paisley patterned scarf for men Tenderly wrapped, delicately placed on your shoulders or tied in paisley patterned scarves for men for more warmth and softness. Compose a thousand and one chic and fashionable outfits thanks to your stole made of embroidery or printed. For men and women, all you have to do is choose between embroidery, plain or patterned, it's all a question of taste. It is assured that the paisley scarf is the most elegant for a dandy style, gentleman very chic, classy and elegant and that such a fashion accessory is timeless and timeless. To associate with a suit, with a jacket, a jacket or on a coat, it is the softest, warmest, most charming winter fashion accessory for men, to discover also, the scarf plaid plaid tartan, other print, ultra fashionable pattern.

Women's paisley scarf.

A woollen scarf will immediately bring a note of colour and rare elegance to your wardrobe, for both large and small occasions. Pashm-ina is a word that comes from Persian and means fabric or woollen, it defines the shawl or stole in itself. Whether it is made of wool, silk, cotton or delicately blended. Its name and origin come from Kashmir, Inner Mongolia, India or Nepal, the Indian paisley is one of the most beautiful in the world, it exists in different qualities and prices, it is characterized by its size, hence its name pashmina. Wool, silk, cotton are also used to make the softest men's paisley scarf in the world. The paisley is one of the most beautiful in the world, it exists in different qualities and prices.

Wool paisley shawl

Each copy is made according to specifications with a very precise pattern that makes it unique. The cashmere paisley pattern is the most famous pattern and the embroideries bring an additional charm to the scarves especially in winter. Discover the incredible softness of these woolen scarves, made by craftsmen from India. Discover the incredible softness of these woolen scarves for women. Vintage vintage chic models and these stoles in the color you like the most. You will discover a rare softness and charm and you will quickly become inseparable. A pashmina also has the advantage of being able to strong> wear a scarf in all seasons and on all occasions. What you are looking for above all with a shawl is to wrap yourself in softness, all year round, light in summer, ultra warm in winter, there is nothing better to feel good than wearing your accessory around you.

Large wool silk embroidered cashmere wool scarf.

Whatever its material, colour or size, you will choose it in mixed fibres, kashmir patterns, geometrics or classic patterns, it is the essential and timeless fashion accessory for men and women. The pashmina embroidered or handmade Indian Paisley patterned, timeless, chic and fashionable. This type of motif is a typical floral design with arabesques that are a poetic evocation of nature and birds. The fashion darlings with very original drop shapes and allegory of nature as an ode to life are the most beautiful. In the sense that it requires unique extra work and know-how. Sometimes mixed with silk for even more softness, they stand out for their shimmering and original patterns and craftsmanship. For large maxi scarves opt for a oversize woollen scarf.