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This is the new trend, the oversize plaid oversize plaid scarf tartan plaid ultra fashion. The plaid plaid scarf for women and men is the essential fashion accessory of the moment. The plaid plaid scarf tartan checks seduce all styles and impose themselves in winter in wardrobes. An oversized wool or cashmere maxi plaid will bring warmth and softness worn around the neck like a blanket. The colours of the season are black, red, blue or green, the particularly sought-after British style. Discover our wide range of women's and men's plaid scarves with tartan plaid prints from Scotland and how to wear the plaid scarf for a man or a woman.

To be kept warm and add a touch of style to all your outfits, the maxi scarf is ideal. To put on a big scarf for man and woman>/strong> tartan plaid, unfold it as a whole and wrap yourself in it as in a big cashmere wool men's plaid scarf, like an evening in the countryside by the fire. The tartan plaid can also be worn as a scarf tied with a big knot very chic and fashionable. Made of wool it will bring you all the softness and warmth you are looking for. With its pretty scarf paisley pattern checked and its shades of red, white, green, it will bring style and personality to all your outfits by adding color with its colorful and resolutely elegant patterns, very british.


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Don't miss out on this trend which is not about to go out of fashion. La maxi grosse cashmere scarf oversized plaid tartan enhance your face with an immediate healthy glow you'll appreciate. This is the fashion accessory not to be missed to be warm and comfortable for this winter and mid-season. A purchase you won't regret. Because at the most to keep you warm, it will bring the little extra that you are looking for provided you know how to tie it, follow our advice, it's an art to master ! Plaid scarf checks woman, color, softness and warmth.

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The wool plaid scarf is a checkered scarf ideal for women and men to wear every day and will be worn around the neck with all your outfits. But like any fashion accessory, it is important to match each piece together. But the particularity of these maxi big scarf man and woman with geometric patterns is that it will accessorize your outfits by itself, and you will have to be careful not to do too much. For that, don't cumulate the patterns, and don't try to match your tartan oversize wool tartan scarf with a polka dot or flower garment, and prefer plain clothes, like a small grey trench coat, a black leather jacket, or a black fitted jacket. To know more about it you will find all our advices to wear, put a scarf, to know more click on the link.

Plaid scarf man.

It is very simple to knot a large woollen scarf or a tartan plaid plaid tartan wool shawl, as opposed to silk scarves, chèches or other men's scarves which are ideal to knot them in a thousand ways, the tartan plaid tartan is the easiest to wear because of its size. All you have to do is place the large square scarf on your shoulders around your neck and wrap yourself in it.

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The oversize tartan scarf for those who don't know its definition is a fabric made of wool with coloured checks , it is a pattern composed of horizontal and vertical lines that crossed together give a pattern of checks . The tartan shawl scarf is an check scarf woman man made of oversized wool that has its origins with the Celtic people who made this fabric that we find for example in the making of tartan kilt and tartan clothes that we know well like the skirts or cotton shirts that a big luxury brand made its trademark.

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In Scotland the tartan is closely linked to the ancient families called clans, we find the wearing of this motif in Scottish institutions and throughout the history of the Celts and the Scottish people. In the United States and by extension, the tartan means plaid, coming from school and beyond the motif it refers to the plaid that can be used as a shawl, an oversized scarf or a plaid blanket. Through this beautiful collection of tartan we offer you to discover or rediscover this unique fashion accessory and to appropriate it according to your own fashion desires. Because the tartan tartan scarf tartan plaid scarf is suitable for both men and women!

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If you continue this little reading, it's because you were intrigued by the subject and the history of tartan. You are right to want to know a little more about this famous traditional Celtic and Scottish pattern before adopting it into your wardrobe. You should know that the oldest traces of the origin of the tartan have been found in China, these woven twill patterns are similar to those of the Celts, Scots and Irish. Among the Scots, plaid is particularly codified in terms of the pattern of line widths and colours that symbolize and identify the clans.

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The two-colour tartan is for peasants and farmers, the three-colour tartan is for officers, the five-colour tartan is for chiefs, the six-colour tartan is for poets but also for highly respected druids and finally the seven-colour tartan is for kings. There are also variations according to clans and geography, so the tartan is a complex concept to consider when one takes a closer look at it. Colour nuances but also sequences of the weft or nuances, dyeing, thickness of the thread, colours and other proportions have all their importance. But you don't need to master all this to wrap yourself in warmth and softness this winter. Be chic and British by adopting the oversized tartan plaid scarf! Quickly discover our big plaid scarf man woman.