Mac Gregor plaid scarf


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Timeless is the maxi grande red plaid scarf for women and men. Tartan plaid scarf the most fashionable this winter. You've seen it in all the fashion magazines, you need a tartan too ! This large plaid shawl with a red dominant and tartan style is straight inspired by traditional tartan patterns. Did you know that each pattern has its own specific codes, the colours, the weave, the grid depend on each tartan clan. According to their colour, style and grid, each clan member could be identified according to their geographical location, profession or origin. Beyond being this winter's must-have scarf for men and women to keep you warm and snug, you are wearing a fashion accessory that is much more than that.


Dimensions : 140x140 cm

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Dimensions : 140x140 cm
  • Material20% wool, 80% acrylic
  • Dimensions140x140 cm

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

Tartan is the trendiest maxi shawl of the winter. The best solution to wear it and wrap yourself inside. Halfway between the maxi scarf, the shawl and the plaid, it is an essential part of a successful wardrobe. It's up to you to become a fashionable woman at the forefront of the trend with this must-have accessory !

Care Instruction

  • pictogramme conseil de nettoyage du Mac Gregor plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de lavage du Mac Gregor plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de sechage du Mac Gregor plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de chlorage du Mac Gregor plaid scarfpictogramme conseil de repassage du Mac Gregor plaid scarf
  • To take care of your tartan, don't leave it lying around in a ball where it can collect dust. Then if it is loose, already gently scrape the stain to remove the excess and then apply a special wool stain remover. Spread your tartan in cold soapy water, never leave it soaking for more than one or two minutes, wring out without twisting, dry flat.