Mac Arthur plaid scarf


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The most sought-after model in this new collection plaid scarf tilex tartan is the Mac Arthur tartan. This soft and warm beige plaid scarf is in the spirit of the times. Its winter shades, its timeless colours and its traditional tartan clan pattern are all charming assets which are also the key to its success. Undeniably the darling model of fashionistas for men and women alike. If you only have to choose one, go for this one, you won't regret it!

Dimensions : 140x140 cm

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Dimensions : 140x140 cm
  • Material20% wool, 80% acrylic
  • Dimensions140x140 cm

How to wear it?

Ideas to how your pashmina

To knot it, you can fold it in the diagonal, which will give you a triangular format that is then very easy to tie with the point on the front. A tartan can be worn on top of clothes, on a jacket, jacket or coat. don't tighten it too much to maximize the warmth, let some air through.

Care Instruction

  • If you have made a stain on your tartan, identify its origin and adapt a specific product for this type of stain. However, for daily care and mid-season cleaning, proceed by hand, in a bath of cold or warm water. You should choose a specific shampoo for wool and always dry flat. Do not soak in the bath.