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Discover without further delay the softness and quality of a men's and women's cashmere scarf, plain or patterned, ultra soft, warm and very luxurious. Wearing a cashmere wool cashmere scarf is an ideal choice for men and women. High quality handmade cashmere from India or Nepal. handcrafted cashmere from India or Nepal.

Handmade stoles, scarves, shawls and scarves made of 100% cashmere wool. The wool fibre of the Indian kashmir is ideal in the middle of winter for maximum warmth and protection from the cold. Cashmere is a unique wool, a natural fibre from India or the high plateaux of the Himalayas, Inner Mongolia, it is a fibre with a singular charm which has been very successful for many years because of the quality of the wool produced by the goats of this region of the world. The Pashminas for men and women have their origin in Cashmere, India or Nepal.

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The cashmere wool is so soft and light it will regulate your thermal temperature and make a beautiful fashion accessory for a wedding, a ceremony and of course the perfect accessory for everyday life. The cashmere scarf man or woman, cashmere has everything to seduce and will find a place of choice in your wardrobe. You will be delighted with a wide choice of pashmina silk, wool, cotton, unique and rare collections constantly renewed. Cashmere is not only a soft but ultra-warm wool that you wear especially in winter to protect you from the weather and to have the maximum softness and warmth against your neck. Cashmere scarves are soft and warm for winter. Perfect for men and women who like to be fashionable but also choose noble, elegant and natural materials that make the difference.

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Cashmere, a soft and warm wool, the gold of the fibres, the diamond of the wools.The wool of cashmere scarves is considered to be the gold or diamond of the wools because of its unique characteristics, the warmth and softness it provides, but also because of its fineness. Like all wool it comes from the fur of goats, the wool called cashmere is the down produced by goats that originate from this region of the world. The wool is taken from the body of the animal, which is raised at high altitudes where it seeks protection from the cold. This is why it develops a wool that has such thermal qualities. The mixture of wool and silk gives pashmina a special softness to the touch against the skin when worn around the neck or on the shoulders.

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Discover a unique range of pashmina for men and women, unique and rare winter wool scarves with a singular charm that will bring you softness and warmth whatever the season. The wool of our cashmere scarves is produced in small quantities, but the luxury fabric is renowned for its exceptional quality and softness without equal. All our cashmere scarves are made by hand using the best craftsmanship of Nepalese and Indian artisans, and are hand made with the finest fleece, wool fiber from the cashmere goats capra hircus from the Himalayan highlands, India and Nepal.

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The most beautiful woolen scarves are of course those produced in cashmere, where since the dawn of time, the best craftsmanship has been preserved and passed on from generation to generation.the weaving of a large cashmere scarf will require weeks of work. The production of real cashmere is very small, it is expensive and it could not water the fashion market if it was produced in a traditional way. Only small productions like ours can allow you to discover the finest fleece and down from these small goats. The wool fibre is long and soft, it is recovered in the neck of the animal or on its belly. It is the down harvested by shepherds and nomadic peoples that will constitute the most beautiful collection of handmade cashmere scarves. The weaving will then be delicate, a true art in the noble sense of the term.