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Superb colorama of 100% pure lambswool wool scarves lambswool. These pure new wool scarves are top-of-the-range women's and men's scarves. Ultra soft, warm and luxurious, lambswool wool is a very special wool like cashmere. It is a lamb's wool, made of 100% wool.This wool scarf is made of fine yarns, which gives the garments great suppleness. Clothes, sweaters or scarves made of lambswool wool are soft, light and supple, while keeping warm. Discover a selection of fashionable scarves that are light, warm, shimmering and incredibly soft. You will see that lambswool wool is incredibly soft and light and is very special. These 100% natural lambswool scarves are made in Italy according to the best know-how and with a quality of wool selected with the greatest care and attention. The cashmere scarf or lambswool are made with pure 100% natural wool.

What's Lambswool? What's Lambswool? Definition.

The characteristics of this product come from the shearing of live lambs. Lambs 6 to 7 months old must be sheared while it is still soft, short and very fine. It is important to know that lamb's wool is a very fine wool that is taken from the first shearing of the sheep before the age of 7 months. This gives the wool a unique softness and a characteristic without comparison. The lambs are shorn for the very first time, which makes this wool rare and precious.

How do you wear a big woolen scarf?

This type of wool is appreciated and sought after during cold periods, as it provides warmth without feeling cramped. Lambswool is a high quality wool. Its touch is rare, its singular aspect stands out by its great resistance in time which gives it a quality. Lambswool is recommended for those who love softness and warmth, who like wool of high quality and a certain thickness for a unique warmth.virgin lambswool fibre is particularly soft, light and warm, it is a wool that is both insulating and comfortable, its many advantages make it an absolutely unique and rare wool, particularly appreciated in winter. It is easy to care for and will match all your clothes.

How do I wash and clean my wool scarf?

To wash, clean and take care of your lambswool lambswool scarf in 100% natural lambswool, follow these practical and useful tips. Knowing that as long as possible it is good not to wash the wool too much, not too often. The washing of lambswool, like all precious wools, should be done either by a specialist or by hand with a specific wool shampoo, with great care and softness. It is true that it is mostly recommended to wash lambswool in dry cleaning, but it is also possible to wash it by hand. For this it is important to use a specific cleaning product for wool and not to let it soak, to dry flat without ever twisting the wool.

Where to buy a nice wool scarf? Where to buy a nice wool scarf?

You will find in the shop a wide selection of beautiful woolen scarves for men and women. Plain or patterned wool scarves in all styles and colours. Warm soft woolen scarf of high quality luxury handcrafted wool. The most beautiful scarves in the world are in the Pashmina cashmere boutique, specialist in wool and wool scarves with fast and free delivery. For further advice go to the blog space dedicated to the cleaning and washing of your wool scarves, plaid scarf and pashmina.