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If you are looking for a cheap scarf, stole, pashmina shawl for man and woman, you are in the specialty shop. Collection of pashminas, traditional stoles from cashmere, ultra soft and warm, like a second skin. The fringed pashmina, high quality, large size and incredibly soft. Quality pashmina, hijab or Turkish veil at soft prices. Don't forget to discover our other ranges of pashmina, cashmere patterned scarf for men and women but also the maxi plaid scarves tartan to keep you warm in winter.

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The pashmina, queen of the stoles from the Himalayas, on the borders of cashmere in India. The word pashmina comes from the Persian word pash-ina which means heat amplifier. Whether in a stole scarf or a shawl, the pashmina man and woman whose weaving quality is recognized worldwide is a unique know-how since the dawn of time. Resulting from craftsmanship. Woven from wool, cashmere or cotton, natural or semi natural materials with bamboo viscose or natural silk to make them more than two. Scarves pashmina white cheap express their softness in summer, worn on the shoulders for a wedding or worn as a hijab to cover the head or hair, tied as a sarong against the skin. Around the neck, in the hair or as an accessory, pashmina becomes the essential fashion accessory of the summer. In winter pashmina with fringe or without fringe brings warmth to men and women who wish to wear it as a scarf or a scarf, on a jacket or a coat. Pashminas are large Indian scarves whose wool in winter or cashmere can maximize warmth.

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In winter as in summer you need softness, warmth or lightness. This range of pashmina, hijab or turkish veil will allow you to keep warm as well as to cover yourself with the sun. Pashmina are originally from India but they are also very widespread in Nepal. The price of a pashmina can vary according to its material, its size, the quality of its wool or its composition. Our embroidered pashminas are presented at low prices in many colours. Learn more about pashmina 100% cashmere. We do not sell wholesale but we offer our scarves in limited quantities in colours that are constantly changing with the seasons and trends. Indian pashminas are by far the most beautiful, with their cashmere patterns. The pashmina silk wool or cotton, Turkish or Middle Eastern hijab are worn as a veil to cover the head, they are very elegant and very suitable to be worn to cover the head and the hair.

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There are several types of pashmina, some with fringed pashmina, as are our cashmere scarves. Find the definition pashmina, coming from India and made famous by Empress Josephine. The stole has found its place in many cultures, it comes in the form of the hijab, a veil worn on the head to cover the hair. The fringed pashmina has a lot of allure and structure an outfit giving it a very chic and trendy look. Hijab pashmina veils are often plain because they are worn around the face, but they can also be worn at any time of the day or night.